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Why fly with Air Alpha?

There are several additional factors that make air charter a competitive option. For example:

  • Air charter can decrease total trip time by half or more after taking into account variables such as parking, check-in, plane changes, layovers, ground transportation, etcetera. 
  • When you charter you are paying for the entire aircraft.  The more passengers onboard, the lower per passenger cost—making air charter more cost effective than the airlines or automobile transportation.
  • We can fly into airports that commercial jets and some private jets cannot.  Our aircraft requires much less take off and landing space meaning that you can fly to the airport only minutes to your final destination. 
  • Your plane will depart when you are ready and fly direct to your destination—No missed flights and no long layovers.      
  • Avoid long lines at Security in major airports—in fact, avoid the security process all together!
  • Business people can conduct company business in the plane, wasting no travel time and still maintaining privacy
  • Visit multiple sites in one day—The cost savings in staff time and travel costs will benefit your business
  • No worries about lost baggage.  Cut out the baggage claim process all together.  Your fragile items travel safely.
  • Your pets travel in the cabin with you.  No additional charges, no kennel size requirements.
  • Read more reasons to charter with Air Alpha >
Who Charters?
Anyone can charter. Charter flights are ideal for business people, families, individuals, pet owners, sporting enthusiasts, and adventurers.
Does it cost more if I add an additional passenger?
We are required to charge an additional $3.50 per passenger per leg of your flight due to Federal Excise Tax.  However, the number of passengers is limited only by the airplane’s seating capacity and weight limits.  Air Alpha’s aircraft can accommodate up to 8 passengers or 1400lbs.  If you need an aircraft that has a capacity for a larger number of people please contact our flight coordinator and let us help arrange your charter flight. 
When can we depart?
Since we are an on-demand air charter service you determine the departure and return times. When you confirm your flight please give your flight coordinator the time you need to arrive at your destination and we will compute the appropriate departure time. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year—on demand and ready to fly.
How much baggage is allowed?
Allowed baggage weight depends on the total number of passengers, and the distance to be flown.  Our flight coordinator will advise you of the allowable baggage weight based on your specific charter needs.  Air Alpha can usually accommodate all of your baggage.
What about meals?
Air Alpha provides complementary coffee, juice and breakfast food for morning flights. Snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided for afternoon flights.  Catering and alternative bar drinks are available upon request.  If you are departing from Lunken, please inquire about Hoggy’s onboard catering.  Hoggys Restaurant is Air Alpha’s preferred caterer.  (
How long does it take to arrange a charter flight?
When you call our flight coordinator, we guarantee a comprehensive quote within 30 minutes! Email our flight coordinator and we will contact you with a quote within 24 hours.  We can be ready for a charter flight within one hour of flight confirmation.
Is chartering expensive?
Chartering is affordable, especially if you have more than one passenger.  Chartering a flight might not beat alternative travel arrangements every time, but we will be more convenient and more able to reach the airport closest to your final destination.  Business clients find that chartering a flight allows them to save time in transit, avoid paying large rental car fees, or paying for hotel rooms, and additional meals.  Clients traveling for special events, vacations, etc save by avoiding extra fees and charges when they bring along pets, or specialty sporting equipment. Families can avoid paying high prices for direct commercial airline flights just so they can stay together and not endure lengthy layovers and possibly missed connections.
Is chartering safe?
The FAA regulates charter flights just like regular airline travel under Part 135 Air Alpha operates under its own FAA Charter Certificate (#CRWA062D). Please visit our Safety and Certifications page to see more about how the government and Air Alpha keep passengers safe.  Air Alpha has a perfect 30 year safety record and has never had an incident.  Air Alpha has never been held in violation of FAA standards. We take safety seriously at Air Alpha so you can be assured that our aircraft is impeccably maintained and that our pilots are the best available.
Please give our flight coordinator a call if you have further questions or would like to talk about chartering a flight!

We look forward to flying you!

Air Alpha
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