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There are several additional factors that make air charter a competitive option. For example:

  • Air charter can decrease total trip time by half or more after taking into account variables such as parking, check-in, plane changes, layovers, ground transportation, etcetera. 
  • When you charter you are paying for the entire aircraft. The more passengers onboard, the lower per passenger cost—making air charter more cost effective than the airlines or automobile transportation. 
  • We can fly into airports that commercial jets and some private jets cannot. Our aircraft requires much less take off and landing space meaning that you can fly to the airport only minutes to your final destination.
  • Your plane will depart when you are ready and fly direct to your destination—No missed flights and no long layovers.
  • Avoid long lines at Security in major airports—in fact, avoid the security process all together!
  • Business people can conduct company business in the plane, wasting no travel time and still maintaining privacy
  • Visit multiple sites in one day—The cost savings in staff time and travel costs will benefit your business.
  • No worries about lost baggage. Cut out the baggage claim process all together. Your fragile items travel safely.
  • Your pets travel in the cabin with you. No additional charges, no kennel size requirements.
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Now arriving in Alabama: Your lost luggage
"Warehouse store sells items from bags lost by airlines and never claimed for 20 to 80 percent off."CBS News
Fewer hubs mean fewer options for fliers
"If you live in a small to mid-size city, you've probably seen your airline choices shrink over the last few years."CNN Travel
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